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My name is Alastair Walton. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and have made a full time living online for 7 years now.

And the reason why you should pay attention is becauseÖ

1. Iíve worked with one of the biggest companies in the Forex niche where I wrote emails for a launch and brought in over 5 figures in sales with my copy.

2. Iíve written copy for 16 different products owned by a guy out in Singapore who runs an 13 person company and sometimes makes over $50,000 in sales per day!

3. And Iím currently writing daily emails for a dating company that is on track to make $10 million this year.

4. Plus I singlehandedly created and marketed several products in the ďMenís HealthĒ niche and made enough money to quit my below-minimum-wage day job.

Iím not telling you any of this to bragÖ

But what these experiences have taught me is that the real secrets to online success are never spoken about publicly. And youíll rarely find them In a $7 eBook or even a $997 internet marketing course.

Truth is, real players are more secretive than the C.I.A. and you wouldnít believe what Iíve learnt in this time.

But I recently realized that this knowledge is going to waste.

So Iíve decided to share it with the public.

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