Should you have a website?

Believe it or not this is something that a lot of copywriters are unsure about.

Most don’t want a website because they think it’s pointless. Otherwise they think it’s expensive or takes too much time and effort to maintain or they have no idea how to set one up.

When I first started out I felt this exact same way. But what you have to realize is that all of these reasons are basically excuses…

…and that it’s absolutely vital that you have your own website.

You see, what you need to realize is that your site is a type of, “Digital business card.”

You want to give it to every single potential client that you interact with.

The reason why is because you’re more than likely not going to sell your service at the first point of contact. Clients need to get warmed up first. You have to build up trust, develop a relationship and establish yourself as an authority before they will do business with you. A website allows you to do all this and more.

The most important thing on your site is a blog.

Other than that you need an about me page.

This is basically a sales page where you want to sell them on hiring you.

(Don’t forget to include a picture of yourself so they know what you look like.)

Before taking off, one more thing:

You should also set up an email list as soon as possible.

When you do this create some type of free report that you can give them for signing up.

Bottom line, a personal website will help you get more clients.

If you don’t have one what are you waiting for?


Alastair Walton

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