Here’s something I learnt from (Believe it or not) Donald Trump.

You see, a while back I read an article about negotiation.

This article mentioned that one of DTs negotiation tactics is to always ask for MORE.

He always asks for more than he actually needs because that gives him leeway to go down.

Not only is this a useful negotiation tactic it’s something you should always do.

Whenever a client asks what your fee is always ask for a little more.

A lot of the time your price (Even if you think it’s a lot) will actually seem cheap to the client. In that case they will be more than happy to pay what you want. In the past I never had the confidence to do this. And that probably cost me a lot of money. But then I got wise, and started adding on $50, $100 EVEN $200 to my price.

And you know what?

To my shock most clients would say YES.

Do likewise and you’ll earn more money.


Alastair Walton

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