Back when I was a struggling newbie copywriter I used to work on content mills.

This was an unbelievably depressing and difficult time in my life.

To make any money at all I had to do an enormous amount of work every day.

Sometimes this would mean writing as many as 5000 or more words.

To survive this period I developed a few tricks for writing content at lightning speed.

The first of these was using writing formulas and templates.

One of my go to formulas was something commonly used by journalists. It’s one of the most basic formulas for developing powerful and persuasive content. Not only that, it will stop your copy from sounding boring and you can use it whenever you’re staring at a blank page.

This formula is known as the  5 Ws.

To use it you basically ask the questions WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and HOW.

Think about these in the context of the topic or person you’re writing about.

For example:

WHO are you?

WHAT do you do for people?

WHEN did you get started?

WHERE do you work?

WHY do you do this?

These questions can be used as a checklist when writing anything. They make your writing richer, more real and make people feel a deeper sense of rapport and connection. With them you can rapidly come up with any type of content…

…and do it almost effortlessly.


Alastair Walton

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