To be successful you have to become a marketing SNOB.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Scottish steel magnate Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest people who ever lived.

Was it because he worked harder?

Or knew more about steel than anyone else?


(According to sources he didn’t know how steel was made.)

The reason why he beat everyone else was because he was a marketing snob.

He was a salesman, marketer and deal master before he was a steel man.

The point is that in business NOTHING is more important than marketing.

That’s because NOTHING else makes you money.

Human resources doesn’t make you money.

Nor does your fancy headquarters in Palo Alto.

Or how long you’ve been in business.

No, all that’s important are marketing and sales

Those are the ONLY things that count and you should look down on everything else.

This is what it means to be a marketing snob.

Remember, the only way to be successful is to SELL.

This is the only thing that puts money in your pocket and keeps cash flow constant.

Nothing else really matters in the end.


Alastair Walton