In the dictionary this word is defined as…

The fact of surpassing all others, superiority.

If you’re serious about succeeding in business this is something to keep in mind.

In fact, marketing guru Jay Abraham talks about the, “Strategy of Pre-eminence.”

What he means by this is that you must have empathy for your customers.

Not only that, you need to understand them on a very deep level.

The reason why this is important is because these days people have very little trust.

(Especially for someone trying to sell something.)

This is because most have been ripped off  or exploited at least once in their lives.

Therefore they are reluctant to part with their hard earned money.

Due to this you need to take a leadership position.

This needs to happen in the context of providing customers with solutions and answers.

Do this and you become a trusted advisor instead of just another salesman.

The truth is that people WANT to be lead.

But what they want is a leader who puts their best interests at heart.

Understand that very few people have a clear idea of what they want.

They lack the focus and clarity needed to solve their problems.

It’s your job to give them this clarity.

As I said, most people have been screwed over at least once in their lives.

They’re tired of being lied to, cheated and manipulated.

If you can position yourself as the person who has their best interests at heart, and is willing to put themselves on the line by telling them the truth of the situation, instead of going straight for their wallet…well…this creates an enormous amount of trust and confidence in you. But first you have to give them the clarified focus which makes this happen.

To do that you must understand and be able to identify with your customers on a deep level.

This means knowing the feelings, hopes and anxieties of your target market.

Only by doing that can you figure out how best to serve them.


Alastair Walton