When I started out in this business I had big dreams.

I wanted to be one of those A-list, celebrity copywriters.

You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

The type who write those long ass sales letters that bring in millions.

But after about a year of freelancing I gave up on this dream.

You see, most copywriters think that to make the big bucks they have to write long copy.

They hear about people being paid $5,000, $7,000 even $10,000 per job and think WOW!

But what you have to realize is this:

These types of jobs have a number of drawbacks. The biggest is that there are a very few of them available. It’s like being a high school quarterback who wants to play for the NFL. While this is a worthy goal the reality is that only a handful of people go pro. It’s also a lot of stress and the stakes are sky high.  

What you should rather focus on is writing short copy.

Things like amazon listings, pay per click ads, emails, slogans, radio commercials, press releases, print ads and other types of short copy.

With these jobs you can work a few hours a day and still make an absolute fortune.

Yes long copy might pay more.

But those assignments are also thousands of words long and can take weeks to complete.

By the time you’re done you might end up earning less than a dollar a word.

On the other hand you can make a much as $250 writing a Facebook ad in only a few minutes.

Bottom line:

Writing short copy is a lot more profitable.

It allows you to quadruple your income while making work a lot easier.

Plus you can finish more jobs faster.


Alastair Walton