Here’s a simple idea for marketing your business:

(This works particularly well if you’re selling physical products or services.)

What you do is write a free, “Consumer awareness report” about whatever it is you’re selling.

In this report you put everything that the consumer would need to know about your product or service. For example, if you’re selling high end sound systems you can write a report explaining the difference between a good and bad system. Basically you write down everything someone would need to know if they were going to go out and buy one today.

This idea works really well when done right.

It’s a great example of educational marketing

(Where you promote your products by educating the consumer about what you’re selling.)

A consumer awareness guide also allows you to position yourself in the market place.

You’re someone who tries to help people rather than a money grubbing salesman.

Bottom line:

People always want to know if they are spending their money wisely or getting ripped off?

A consumer awareness report helps them answer this question.


Alastair Walton