Many moons ago I read about something called the Pompodoro method.

This is a time management method invented in the 1980s by a guy called Francesco Cirillo.

How it works is that you break your time down into 25 minute segments.

Each segment is called a, “Pompodoro” and is followed by a 5 minute break, totaling 1hr.

(BTW, pompodoro means tomato in Italian.)

This guy called it the Pompodoro method because of a tomato shaped timer he used.

And while it might sound simple this technique works like a charm.

The key to using it is to race against the clock.

You want to push yourself as hard as you can during the 25 minute section.

Avoid all distraction and focus only on your work.

Then do absolutely nothing during the 5 minute break.

With this you can also avoid something called, “Parkinson’s Law.”

This law states that work will stretch to fit the time allotted for it.

By assigning only a certain number of segments to a task you’ll be able to avoid this.

Not only that, with each segment you complete momentum builds up.

Eventually you get into the, “Flow state” and hours pass without you even noticing.

With the Pompodoro method you can triple productivity.

It’s something I use every day to get more done.

It’s also why I rarely miss deadlines and can complete so many projects in such little time.

Remember, productivity is absolutely critical to business success.

The more you do the faster you’ll move up the ladder.

So try this yourself and see how effective it is.


Alastair Walton