One of the most powerful marketing tools is FAME.

I learnt this from an old school copywriter.

This guy had masters level savvy when it came to marketing.

He discovered that slapping a celebrities face onto your ad would boost sales tenfold.

It didn’t matter what you were selling or how minor the star.

It WORKED like voodoo.

You see this today with someone like Kylie Jenner.

Her cosmetics brand is worth billions of dollars.

But people don’t buy her makeup because it’s good (In fact, I hear it’s not that great.)

They buy it because of her star power.

If it wasn’t her selling it no one would care.

This is something you need to do in your own marketing.

You need to become famous in your niche or industry. You have to make people love, worship and adore you. This is 90% of the hard work. When you achieve fame it doesn’t matter how bad your marketing is. Get people to follow you like a zombie cult member and they will buy anything you sell. You won’t need magic sales letters or videos.

So how do you become famous?

Start by getting your name out there.

Use social media, YouTube, blogging, email everything.

Channel these followers to your site and sell them products.

Once you’ve sold enough products you’ll start to develop star power.

You can then parlay that into bigger things and from there the sky is the limit.


Alastair Walton