Did you know that true crime is one of the biggest niches on the internet today?

Over the last few years this genre has exploded in popularity. Today there are countless YouTube channels, podcasts, documentaries, and books devoted to discussing the grisly exploits of serial killers, murderers, and other villains. And while I’m not the biggest fan of this stuff I’ve actually read a couple of these books over the years. Along with this, I’ve also worked my way through dozens of books about gangsters, conmen, other assorted criminals.

One of the best books I’ve ever read is called From the Inside by a guy called Chopper Read.

In case you don’t know this guy was a legendary Australian “stand over man.”

(That basically means he robbed and extorted money from criminals.)

Over the course of his career he became known for his extreme terror tactics.

These included things like kneecapping, torture, and the liberal use of firearms.

While this stuff might sound stomach turning there’s actually a lot you can learn from this guy.

For starters, he’s really a testament to the awesome power of storytelling.

From the Inside is essentially a collection of stories and anecdotes about his days as a criminal.

Most of these are utterly fascinating and totally compelling.

And it’s due to their power that he was able to reinvent himself from a low-level criminal and ex-con into a quasi-celebrity and best-selling author who appeared on talk shows, did speaking tours, and made more money  than he ever did from crime. In addition to this he published more than ten books and had a movie made about his life.

What’s truly amazing about this guy is that he did all this simply by telling stories.

Something else you can learn from him is the power of reputation.

You see, much of his power lay in his notoriety.  

This guy had an incredible reputation for violence…

…meaning that when he came to collect you sure as hell were going to pay.

As a copywriter it’s equally important that you develop a reputation.

You need to become known as someone who can get things done.

As the guy who can get results and write copy that pulls in the big bucks.

You have to become famous or even infamous.

This is key to becoming successful in this business.

Think about it:

Who would you rather hire.

Some nobody or an A-list copywriter with a reputation for great results.

The answer (by now) should be obvious.


Alastair Walton