I’ve written dozens of books over the years.

(For both myself and clients.)

Most of these were your standard “information product” or “how to” type books.

For example, “How to write and publish your book on Amazon in 21 days and sell a 1000 copies.”

That type of stuff.

There’s a lot of moving parts which go into something like this.

One of them is writing your introduction or foreword.

As you can imagine, a lot of people struggle with this part.

This is usually because they have no idea what they should write, so most of the time they write some half-assed thank you, or “congratulations: for buying the book. But believe it or not, there’s a better way to do this…and also turn your introduction into a powerful selling tool.

You see, what you really want to do is get someone else to write your forward.

Preferably, you’ll want someone in your industry who is well known, and has at least a small following. Ideally, this person should be a type of “celebrity.” What they should do is write a foreword which reads almost like a type of bio. It should mention how the person met you, who you are, your achievements, and then briefly go over what the reader will to learn in the book, as well as the benefits they’ll get from doing that.

Now, at this point you may wondering why this is necessary…

Why go through the time and trouble of finding someone to do this for you?

(After all, unless you’re connected in the industry, this can be a major hassle.)

Well, the reason why is simple.

Writing this type of foreword creates MASSIVE credibility for you as a teacher.

It’s almost like a type of endorsement.

So instead of reading some boring, dorky introduction which doesn’t really mean anything…

…the reader starts your book off with a feeling of goodwill, and most importantly belief.

They believe in you as a teacher and also in what you have to say.

Not only that, it makes the material seem a lot better than it might actually be.

Alastair Walton