Need help choosing a pen name?

Here’s some advice:

You see, Game of Thrones frenzy is sweeping the world again…

With the release of House of the Dragon millions of people have returned to Westeros.

I binged watched this series a couple of weeks ago and believe me, it’s worth watching (Far better than the abysmal final season of Game of Thrones.) After watching I started reading up on the actors and while doing this discovered something you might find interesting. One of the most compelling characters is Corlys Velaryon otherwise known as the “Sea snake.”

He’s played by British actor Steve Toussaint.

While reading his Wikipedia entry something jumped out at me.

Like many actors he changed his name after getting into the industry.

The reason why is simple.

The last thing you want is another actor with the same name as you.

(Which is basically what happened in Steve’s case.)

If this happens…well…it could cause a lot of confusion.  

And this contains a valuable lesson for marketers.

If you’re planning on writing a book, or starting a “guru business”, then it’s a good idea to check if anyone else is using your name. This is something you should always do…whether you’re using a pen name or your real name. Not doing this could cause problems down the road.

A good example of this is social media accounts.

If there’s a dozen people with your name and they all have Facebook accounts…well…that’s something you want to avoid. Not only that, this is especially important for SEO. Does someone with your name have a website which uses that name in the URL…are they ranked in Google? This could make it harder to hit the top of the search results.

Now, this might sound extremely simple, but it’s a big mistake which a lot of people make.

(Myself included.)

So, when choosing a pen name, make sure to first check if anyone else is using that name…

…and if they are, then pick something different.

See you later,

Alastair Walton