You have to agree that Scientology is a truly fascinating subject.

It’s amazing how one man managed to build a billion dollar cult, persuade thousands of gullible people to follow him and get away with it. And despite what you may think about scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, the guy was a genius.

(Especially from a marketing perspective)

But there’s a good reason why he was so, “Successful.”

And it’s a lesson copywriters should take to heart.

You see, Hubbard started out writing sci-fi stories for a penny a word.

As you can imagine he was dirt poor and struggled financially.

Everything changed when he wrote the first Scientology manual called Dianetics.

This book was a wild success, built his cult and made him rich. And after that book came hundreds of others plus seminars, courses and services like auditing (Most of which he sold through mailing lists.) The point I’m trying to make is that he only found success when he started selling his own products…

…instead of making other people rich.  

And so should you.

Don’t waste your time chasing clients and writing for a penny a word.

Creating and selling your own products is a far better option.

Especially if you want to get RICH.


Alastair Walton


You’ve probably heard about people who get sky high conversion rates.

I’m talking mind boggling figures like 10%, 20% or even 50%

So how do you hit incredible numbers like this?

Is it your price point, your copy or having an amazing grand slam product?

Yes, all of these things count and play an important role.

But what’s equally or even more important than all of that are your LEADS.

Think about it:

If you were selling bottled water to people crawling out of the desert what do you think your conversion rates would be?

(Probably about a 100%)

The point I’m trying to make is when selling anything your LEADS are vitally important.

So what type of person makes the ultimate lead?

Ideally you want someone who has money to spend. Who has bought something similar to what you’re selling…and has done so within 90 days. Most importantly you want someone who is DESPERATE for what you have to offer. For example, there are 100’s of ways to promote your products from newspaper ads to online banners.

But in the world of direct marketing the most commonly used method is mailing lists.

As long as you send the right offer to the right list you’re almost guaranteed success.

Alternatively, if you send the wrong offer to the wrong list your campaign will BOMB.

Bottom line:

Before doing anything else pay attention to your LEADS.

(And make sure they are GOLDEN!)


Alastair Walton


One of the most powerful marketing tools is FAME.

I learnt this from an old school copywriter.

This guy had masters level savvy when it came to marketing.

He discovered that slapping a celebrities face onto your ad would boost sales tenfold.

It didn’t matter what you were selling or how minor the star.

It WORKED like voodoo.

You see this today with someone like Kylie Jenner.

Her cosmetics brand is worth billions of dollars.

But people don’t buy her makeup because it’s good (In fact, I hear it’s not that great.)

They buy it because of her star power.

If it wasn’t her selling it no one would care.

This is something you need to do in your own marketing.

You need to become famous in your niche or industry. You have to make people love, worship and adore you. This is 90% of the hard work. When you achieve fame it doesn’t matter how bad your marketing is. Get people to follow you like a zombie cult member and they will buy anything you sell. You won’t need magic sales letters or videos.

So how do you become famous?

Start by getting your name out there.

Use social media, YouTube, blogging, email everything.

Channel these followers to your site and sell them products.

Once you’ve sold enough products you’ll start to develop star power.

You can then parlay that into bigger things and from there the sky is the limit.


Alastair Walton


Love him or hate him there’s a lot you can learn from Donald trump.

The #1 thing you should pay attention to is his shameless self-promotion.

Whether it’s appearing in moves or pizza hut adverts, he’s spent decades getting his name out there.

The reason why he does this is simple.


You see, Donald Trump is what you’d call a, “Famous businessman.”

More than anything else, being famous is what made him money.

Fame attracts opportunities he just wouldn’t get otherwise. Like highly lucrative business deals or hosting the Apprentice. Fame also gives him credibility. I mean if Donald Trump is getting interviewed on Letterman he must know a thing or two, right?

And it seems to have paid off handsomely for him.

But you can also exploit this.

The formula is simple.

Be a shameless self-promoter, get your name out there, become a celebrity and PROFIT.

Will you be president one day?

Who knows maybe.

But believe me, when people in your community want to do business…

…you’ll be the first person they think of.

See how that works?




Listen up:

Want to make more money doing less work?

Imagine you’ve been contracted to supply a village with water.

You have two options for doing this:

1. A bucket system where you carry water back and forth between the well and the village.

2. A pipeline which you use to transport the water.

While it may seem simpler and easier to use buckets, it won’t be for long. You see, carrying buckets is a major hassle plus it’s inefficient, tiring and stressful. On the other hand, building a pipeline may be harder but ultimately it’s the fastest way to get the water from A to B. Even better, you only have to build it once and the water flows all day long.

What’s the point of this story?

Don’t be the guy who has to sweat carrying buckets.

Figure out how to build a pipeline in your business.

Here’s a real world example of this:

The other day I read an article about Howard Hughes. This guy started off in business when he inherited his dads drill bit company. His father had invented something called the two cone roller bit. This allowed oil drilling in previously inaccessible places.

When Howard took over the company he did something incredible.

Instead of selling this specialized drill bit to oil companies he began licensing it to them.

By doing this he was able to become a multimillionaire in only a couple of months.

That is the difference between buckets and pipelines.


Alastair Walton.


If you’ve ever tried to hire a world class copywriter you’ll know they charge through the nose.

But have you ever wondered why they charge so much?

It’s simple.

You see, copywriting is the art (And science) of writing adverts.

More specifically, it’s the art of writing direct response advertising.

With this type of advertising you can measure your response.

By response I mean the number of people who read your ad and buy the product.

What this also means is that you can measure your ROI.

Here’s an example that illustrates this:

Say you have a product with a price tag of $47.

You spend $500 on advertising.

Your ad costs $1000.

1000 people see this ad and 5% respond.

This works out to 50 people which means you make $2350.

Ultimately this means you spent $1500 to generate $850.

At this point you can scale things up, run the ad again and make a fortune.

The fact is that winning sales letters can turn a profit year after year after year.

This is why you need to STOP seeing copywriting as an expense.

Instead you need to start looking at it as an investment which can pay dividends for decades.

Good copywriters know this, which is why they charge so much.

Here’s an even better way to illustrate this idea:

If I gave you $10 for every $8 you gave me, how fast would you give me those bills?

Something to think about.


Alastair Walton


People are always looking for answers.

They want to know what the next step is:

What font should the headline on their sales letter be…

What’s the latest technique for getting traffic…

How do they handle clients…

The entire marketing advice industry is built on helping people figure this stuff out.

But here’s what you need to realize.

The answer to all your questions is that there is no answer.

Things are never black or white they are shades of grey.

Which is why you need to experiment.

Experimentation is how you discover untapped resources nobody knows about. The faster you experiment the faster you’ll be successful. People at the top are constantly doing this and it’s why they are at the top.

Unfortunately most marketers are terrified of experimenting.

They sit around and wait to be spoon fed answers.

But this is something you cannot afford to do.

You have to experiment.

Bottom line:

Get out there, experiment, fail fast and LEARN from those mistakes.


Alastair Walton



In the dictionary this word is defined as…

The fact of surpassing all others, superiority.

If you’re serious about succeeding in business this is something to keep in mind.

In fact, marketing guru Jay Abraham talks about the, “Strategy of Pre-eminence.”

What he means by this is that you must have empathy for your customers.

Not only that, you need to understand them on a very deep level.

The reason why this is important is because these days people have very little trust.

(Especially for someone trying to sell something.)

This is because most have been ripped off  or exploited at least once in their lives.

Therefore they are reluctant to part with their hard earned money.

Due to this you need to take a leadership position.

This needs to happen in the context of providing customers with solutions and answers.

Do this and you become a trusted advisor instead of just another salesman.

The truth is that people WANT to be lead.

But what they want is a leader who puts their best interests at heart.

Understand that very few people have a clear idea of what they want.

They lack the focus and clarity needed to solve their problems.

It’s your job to give them this clarity.

As I said, most people have been screwed over at least once in their lives.

They’re tired of being lied to, cheated and manipulated.

If you can position yourself as the person who has their best interests at heart, and is willing to put themselves on the line by telling them the truth of the situation, instead of going straight for their wallet…well…this creates an enormous amount of trust and confidence in you. But first you have to give them the clarified focus which makes this happen.

To do that you must understand and be able to identify with your customers on a deep level.

This means knowing the feelings, hopes and anxieties of your target market.

Only by doing that can you figure out how best to serve them.


Alastair Walton


Pretend you’re in a seminar:

The next speaker comes on…

The audience is half full and no one is really paying attention.

The guy does his bit and goes off stage with very little fanfare.

Then the audience starts to fill up.

They’re here to listen to the next person.

He comes on, the crowd loves him and he goes off to the sound of rapturous applause.

But here’s the funny thing:

The first guy had far better material AND spoke better.

Plus they gave great advice and mentioned dozens of actionable tips.

Worst of all, the first speaker only got paid $10,000 while the second one got $100,000.

Why did this happen?

Was it their material, presentation skills or the seminar they spoke at?

No, what happened was that the second speaker had a bigger profile. You see, a lot of the time it comes down to WHO you are. For example, Richard Branson or Dan Kennedy get paid ten times as much as your average seminar speaker. That’s because speakers are a dime a dozen but there’s only ONE Richard Branson. The ugly truth is that WHO you are is far more important than WHAT you do.

What’s the solution?

Become famous or well known in your niche.

Work like a dog to boost your profile…

Get your name out there…

Publicize yourself…

And Build your brand…

Keep working on it and eventually you’ll be paid for WHO you are instead of WHAT you do.


Alastair Walton


To be successful you have to become a marketing SNOB.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Scottish steel magnate Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest people who ever lived.

Was it because he worked harder?

Or knew more about steel than anyone else?


(According to sources he didn’t know how steel was made.)

The reason why he beat everyone else was because he was a marketing snob.

He was a salesman, marketer and deal master before he was a steel man.

The point is that in business NOTHING is more important than marketing.

That’s because NOTHING else makes you money.

Human resources doesn’t make you money.

Nor does your fancy headquarters in Palo Alto.

Or how long you’ve been in business.

No, all that’s important are marketing and sales

Those are the ONLY things that count and you should look down on everything else.

This is what it means to be a marketing snob.

Remember, the only way to be successful is to SELL.

This is the only thing that puts money in your pocket and keeps cash flow constant.

Nothing else really matters in the end.


Alastair Walton