You’ve probably heard about people who get sky high conversion rates.

I’m talking mind boggling figures like 10%, 20% or even 50%

So how do you hit incredible numbers like this?

Is it your price point, your copy or having an amazing grand slam product?

Yes, all of these things count and play an important role.

But what’s equally or even more important than all of that are your LEADS.

Think about it:

If you were selling bottled water to people crawling out of the desert what do you think your conversion rates would be?

(Probably about a 100%)

The point I’m trying to make is when selling anything your LEADS are vitally important.

So what type of person makes the ultimate lead?

Ideally you want someone who has money to spend. Who has bought something similar to what you’re selling…and has done so within 90 days. Most importantly you want someone who is DESPERATE for what you have to offer. For example, there are 100’s of ways to promote your products from newspaper ads to online banners.

But in the world of direct marketing the most commonly used method is mailing lists.

As long as you send the right offer to the right list you’re almost guaranteed success.

Alternatively, if you send the wrong offer to the wrong list your campaign will BOMB.

Bottom line:

Before doing anything else pay attention to your LEADS.

(And make sure they are GOLDEN!)


Alastair Walton


You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “The customer is always right.”

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the biggest myths in business.

You see, most customers think this gives them license to make demands.

They think it gives them certain entitlements because hey, the customer is always right.

In reality this concept is actually about YOU not them.

What it means is that you need to provide the customer with what THEY want.

Not what you THINK they want.

For example, if your customers want hamburgers, don’t try and sell them hotdogs.

If you do that you’re not going to get anywhere.

This brings me to my second point.

One of the greatest marketing lessons I ever learnt was this:

Demand is channeled NOT created.

What this basically means is that you cannot create a desire for a certain product.

You can only capture pre-existing desires.

If you’ve discovered the market wants hamburgers, do you open up a hotdog stand?

No, you give them hamburgers.

Bottom line:

Give people what they really want.

Instead of what you THINK they want.

Once you’ve figured this out create products that fulfill these pre-existing desires.

Do that and half the battle is won.

Until next time.

Alastair Walton


When I started out in this business I had big dreams.

I wanted to be one of those A-list, celebrity copywriters.

You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

The type who write those long ass sales letters that bring in millions.

But after about a year of freelancing I gave up on this dream.

You see, most copywriters think that to make the big bucks they have to write long copy.

They hear about people being paid $5,000, $7,000 even $10,000 per job and think WOW!

But what you have to realize is this:

These types of jobs have a number of drawbacks. The biggest is that there are a very few of them available. It’s like being a high school quarterback who wants to play for the NFL. While this is a worthy goal the reality is that only a handful of people go pro. It’s also a lot of stress and the stakes are sky high.  

What you should rather focus on is writing short copy.

Things like amazon listings, pay per click ads, emails, slogans, radio commercials, press releases, print ads and other types of short copy.

With these jobs you can work a few hours a day and still make an absolute fortune.

Yes long copy might pay more.

But those assignments are also thousands of words long and can take weeks to complete.

By the time you’re done you might end up earning less than a dollar a word.

On the other hand you can make a much as $250 writing a Facebook ad in only a few minutes.

Bottom line:

Writing short copy is a lot more profitable.

It allows you to quadruple your income while making work a lot easier.

Plus you can finish more jobs faster.


Alastair Walton



In the dictionary this word is defined as…

The fact of surpassing all others, superiority.

If you’re serious about succeeding in business this is something to keep in mind.

In fact, marketing guru Jay Abraham talks about the, “Strategy of Pre-eminence.”

What he means by this is that you must have empathy for your customers.

Not only that, you need to understand them on a very deep level.

The reason why this is important is because these days people have very little trust.

(Especially for someone trying to sell something.)

This is because most have been ripped off  or exploited at least once in their lives.

Therefore they are reluctant to part with their hard earned money.

Due to this you need to take a leadership position.

This needs to happen in the context of providing customers with solutions and answers.

Do this and you become a trusted advisor instead of just another salesman.

The truth is that people WANT to be lead.

But what they want is a leader who puts their best interests at heart.

Understand that very few people have a clear idea of what they want.

They lack the focus and clarity needed to solve their problems.

It’s your job to give them this clarity.

As I said, most people have been screwed over at least once in their lives.

They’re tired of being lied to, cheated and manipulated.

If you can position yourself as the person who has their best interests at heart, and is willing to put themselves on the line by telling them the truth of the situation, instead of going straight for their wallet…well…this creates an enormous amount of trust and confidence in you. But first you have to give them the clarified focus which makes this happen.

To do that you must understand and be able to identify with your customers on a deep level.

This means knowing the feelings, hopes and anxieties of your target market.

Only by doing that can you figure out how best to serve them.


Alastair Walton


One of the ways to create authority is to make everything you do seem effortless.

By cultivating the appearance of effortlessness you can create an aura of great authority.

(After all, it wouldn’t be so easy unless you were an absolute master.)

What you have to realize is that there’s an art to doing this.

The art is making a massive amount of boring, repetitive effort seem easy.

Whether it’s baking cakes or writing copy…

…it needs to seem as if you can create perfection in no time at all.

This is all an illusion of course:

Behind the scenes you may be sweating bullets. That’s why this seeming effortlessness takes years of deliberate practice. You need to practice until your performance seems completely natural and unpracticed. The more you do this the easier your task will actually become.

This will create immense value in your personal branding.

While your audience may know as much as you do, with you it all seems simple and easy.

They will start to look up to you as a leader.

You’ll also stand out amongst your competition.

This is something you can do no matter what type of business you’re in.

Whether you’re a lawyer or graphic designer.

Practice whatever it is you do until it all seems effortless.

Then display this effortlessness to your audience.

This is how you create the aura of great authority.


Alastair Walton


Want to start your personal brand quickly?

We all know branding is THE most powerful marketing technique.

The world’s most valuable brands make BILLIONS.

But most people think branding is difficult.

They think it’s some mysterious thing and have no idea how to get started. But branding is actually very simple. The secret is that it’s all about getting your name in front of people. Every time you do this your brand gets a little bit stronger.

Corporations do this with advertising.

The spend billions on ad campaigns to build brands.

If you’re reading this it’s highly unlikely you have access to this type of money.

That being said, there are ways ordinary people can start building their brand.

The best way to do it is by selling products. When you sell a great product that really helps people they remember you. Do a good job and they will spread the word and literally become brand evangelists. If you’re not at this point yet the next best thing is emails and blogging.

For copywriters this is solid gold advice.

You should be blogging and sending emails as often as possible.

When you do this it also creates top of mind awareness.

Your name gets burned into people’s heads…

…and when they need a copywriter the first person they will think of is YOU.

While these tips might sound overly simplistic they really aren’t.

Remember, the best advice is often the most simple advice.


Alastair Walton