Back in the day I would constantly listen to motivational speakers.

One of my favourite people to listen to was a guy called Brian Tracy.

(A Canadian motivational speaker and business coach.)

According to him, anytime you want something, life will test how badly you want it.

He calls this the, “Persistence test.”

To get through this test you have to keep pushing.

If you just keep pushing you’ll pass.

A good example of this is email marketing.

You can email for days and sometimes weeks without making a sale.

But if you keep building your list…

Improving your copy…

…and hitting send, eventually one day something will happen.

You have to believe that circumstances change and if you keep pushing success will come.

Remember, you could be three feet away from gold.

But if you give up prematurely you’ll never know what might have been.

When all is said and done, life is a funny thing.

It’s almost a rule that you never get what you want the first time.

Generally it only happens after your second, third, fourth or even fifth try.

This is the persistence test and the only way to get through it is to JUST KEEP PUSHING.

Got it?



Alastair Walton.


People are always looking for answers.

They want to know what the next step is:

What font should the headline on their sales letter be…

What’s the latest technique for getting traffic…

How do they handle clients…

The entire marketing advice industry is built on helping people figure this stuff out.

But here’s what you need to realize.

The answer to all your questions is that there is no answer.

Things are never black or white they are shades of grey.

Which is why you need to experiment.

Experimentation is how you discover untapped resources nobody knows about. The faster you experiment the faster you’ll be successful. People at the top are constantly doing this and it’s why they are at the top.

Unfortunately most marketers are terrified of experimenting.

They sit around and wait to be spoon fed answers.

But this is something you cannot afford to do.

You have to experiment.

Bottom line:

Get out there, experiment, fail fast and LEARN from those mistakes.


Alastair Walton


Survivor is one of the most popular shows of all time.

After more than 40 seasons it still continues to entertain.

In my book the greatest winner was used car sales man Brian Heidik.

(From Survivor Thailand.)

What was really amazing about this guy was how effortless he made it look.

During one tribal council he said something that I’ll never forget.

I can’t remember the exact quote but it was something about how you have to, “Be the ice man.”

What he meant was that to win you can’t get too emotional. When times are tough you need to keep your cool and have ice in your veins. You cannot feel fear or any type of negative emotion or give into anxiety and neurosis. You have to be like a gunslinger crossed with a top gun pilot and focus exclusively on your goals while thinking only of success.

Most people can’t do this and it’s why they don’t get anywhere.

If you’re one of these people remember that fear recedes before facts.

The more you know the more confident you’ll be…

…so make sure to leave no stone unturned.

(In either business or life)

Bottom line?

Become the ice man and you might too have a shot at sole survivor.


Alastair Walton


One of my favorite movies is film called Layer Cake.

It stars future James Bond Daniel Craig as a London based criminal who wants to retire.

The name of this film basically refers to his place in the criminal hierarchy.

And the fact that over time you move up or down in that world

(Or up the layer cake as they say in the film.)

I don’t want to reveal the plot but basically he’s betrayed by the people he works for and set up to be arrested. After a number of twists and turns he finds himself in the clear and ready to sail off into the sunset. But before this can happen he’s given a lecture by a senior mob boss.

Part of the lecture involves this quote.

“You’re born, you take s**t. You get out into the world, you take more s**t. You climb a little higher, you take less s**t. Till one day you’re up in the rarefied atmosphere and you’ve forgotten what s**t even looks like. Welcome to the layer cake son.”

Any time I’m struggling I think back to these words.

The fact is that business can sometimes seem impossibly difficult.

As if you’re hopelessly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

The whole thing can seem heartbreaking.

But the fact is that if you put in the work you’ll get there.

You’ll slowly move up the layer cake one way or the other…

…until finally one day you reach the top.

Believe me it’s not impossible.

Get the message?


Alastair Walton