If you’ve ever tried to hire a world class copywriter you’ll know they charge through the nose.

But have you ever wondered why they charge so much?

It’s simple.

You see, copywriting is the art (And science) of writing adverts.

More specifically, it’s the art of writing direct response advertising.

With this type of advertising you can measure your response.

By response I mean the number of people who read your ad and buy the product.

What this also means is that you can measure your ROI.

Here’s an example that illustrates this:

Say you have a product with a price tag of $47.

You spend $500 on advertising.

Your ad costs $1000.

1000 people see this ad and 5% respond.

This works out to 50 people which means you make $2350.

Ultimately this means you spent $1500 to generate $850.

At this point you can scale things up, run the ad again and make a fortune.

The fact is that winning sales letters can turn a profit year after year after year.

This is why you need to STOP seeing copywriting as an expense.

Instead you need to start looking at it as an investment which can pay dividends for decades.

Good copywriters know this, which is why they charge so much.

Here’s an even better way to illustrate this idea:

If I gave you $10 for every $8 you gave me, how fast would you give me those bills?

Something to think about.


Alastair Walton


Here’s something I learnt from (Believe it or not) Donald Trump.

You see, a while back I read an article about negotiation.

This article mentioned that one of DTs negotiation tactics is to always ask for MORE.

He always asks for more than he actually needs because that gives him leeway to go down.

Not only is this a useful negotiation tactic it’s something you should always do.

Whenever a client asks what your fee is always ask for a little more.

A lot of the time your price (Even if you think it’s a lot) will actually seem cheap to the client. In that case they will be more than happy to pay what you want. In the past I never had the confidence to do this. And that probably cost me a lot of money. But then I got wise, and started adding on $50, $100 EVEN $200 to my price.

And you know what?

To my shock most clients would say YES.

Do likewise and you’ll earn more money.


Alastair Walton