There was a time when I was massively overweight.

Obviously I wanted to do something about this.

(After all, no one wants to be FAT).

But, like most people, I found it extremely difficult to lose weight.

Despite starting a serious exercise program I struggled to make progress.

Then I read one of those stupid, “5 tips to burn fat” articles that are plastered all over the web.

One of those tips was keeping a food journal.

In case you don’t know, this is basically a diary where you write down what you eat.

I did this for a month then looked back over the entries.

After reading these I was both stunned and appalled.

The amount of food I ate was incredible.

Not only that, almost everything I ate was junk food.

I basically lived on garbage like chips, pizza, hot dogs and fast food.

At this point I immediately changed my eating habits.

And from there on out started steadily losing weight.

What’s the point of telling you all this?

Simply that if you want to change something start tracking it.

Whether this is spending less money, losing weight or learning a new skill.

By tracking your habits you will immediately take control of them…

…and start to gradually improve things.

After all, to quote management guru Peter Drucker…

“What gets measured gets managed.”


Alastair Walton


Did you know there’s a mythical land where all achievement and attainment lies?

This land is called TOMORROW.

You see, what most people don’t realize is that you absolutely cannot afford to put things off.

Especially in today’s frantic, fast paced world.

In my experience it’s not a case of simply waiting until tomorrow.

The reality is that you actually might not get a chance to do it tomorrow.

If you wait until tomorrow the entire landscape may have changed.

Tomorrow you’re going to have to deal with new challenges, difficulties and problems.

And what you put off today will simply end up being put off again (and again and again).

This is why minor problems can end up dragging on for months and sometimes years.

Bottom line, never put ANYTHING off.

Do what you have to do and do it NOW.


Alastair Walton


Many moons ago I read about something called the Pompodoro method.

This is a time management method invented in the 1980s by a guy called Francesco Cirillo.

How it works is that you break your time down into 25 minute segments.

Each segment is called a, “Pompodoro” and is followed by a 5 minute break, totaling 1hr.

(BTW, pompodoro means tomato in Italian.)

This guy called it the Pompodoro method because of a tomato shaped timer he used.

And while it might sound simple this technique works like a charm.

The key to using it is to race against the clock.

You want to push yourself as hard as you can during the 25 minute section.

Avoid all distraction and focus only on your work.

Then do absolutely nothing during the 5 minute break.

With this you can also avoid something called, “Parkinson’s Law.”

This law states that work will stretch to fit the time allotted for it.

By assigning only a certain number of segments to a task you’ll be able to avoid this.

Not only that, with each segment you complete momentum builds up.

Eventually you get into the, “Flow state” and hours pass without you even noticing.

With the Pompodoro method you can triple productivity.

It’s something I use every day to get more done.

It’s also why I rarely miss deadlines and can complete so many projects in such little time.

Remember, productivity is absolutely critical to business success.

The more you do the faster you’ll move up the ladder.

So try this yourself and see how effective it is.


Alastair Walton