Why do gangsters wear bling:

Is it because they enjoy the feeling of golden chains around their neck…

….or because they like the way it looks?

The reason why is a lot simpler.

Bling is, “Evidence of wealth.”

It’s basically advertising and proof they have money and can run a successful enterprise.

(After all, you wouldn’t want to join a gang that isn’t RICH, would you?)

Proof is also what I want to talk about today.

You see, in marketing proof is paramount.

The first step is always to prove that your product does what you claim.

Without proof no one will ever buy.

There are dozens of ways to do this.

The easiest is to get into the media. Appearing in newspapers, magazines, or on TV and the radio provides instantly credibility and proof. Just mention that you’ve been interviewed by this or that outlet and people will believe whatever you say. I mean if it was in the newspaper it must be true, right? Then you have scientific studies, testimonials, and also before and after examples. Celebrity endorsements are great if you can get them and so is a world class guarantee.

But probably the best form of proof is demonstrating the product.

Old school salesmen relied exclusively on demonstration.

(Think about those classic Billy Mays adverts.)

All of these will help to prove your claims.

Remember, proof is paramount.

At the end of the day it’s not about your traffic, affiliates or connections.

You first need to make people believe 100% in what you’re saying.

If you can do that they will fight to give you money.


Alastair Walton


The other day I was on a message board for freelance writers.

Someone asked a really great question:

Basically this person had a PhD. In Biochemistry.

They wanted to know if they should tell this to prospective clients.

Would it make a difference in them being hired?

The answer is yes and no.

You see, your credentials and qualifications don’t actually mean anything to most people.

Clients don’t care about your education or the rewards you’ve received.

What they care about is the RESULTS those qualifications are going to get them.

That being said, you don’t have to stay quiet about what you’ve achieved.

Instead, you have to present your credentials in the right way.

Realize they’re features and features are benefits.

What you need to do is frame them in a way that provides benefits to your client.

You do this by:

1. Writing them down.

2. Putting them in context and telling clients how the credentials benefit them.

3. Figuring out what type of clients you want.

4. Displaying credentials that appeal to the type of client you’d most like to attract.

For example:

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you’ve won an award for sales.

Don’t tell clients this directly.

Frame it in a way that lets them know the award was given for selling the most houses.

Therefore you should be able to quickly sell their house.

Bottom line?

Clients don’t want to know about your degrees and achievements.

They want to know what you’ve done for other clients.

And more importantly what you can do for THEM.

That’s it for now.


Alastair Walton


Many moons ago I read about something called the Pompodoro method.

This is a time management method invented in the 1980s by a guy called Francesco Cirillo.

How it works is that you break your time down into 25 minute segments.

Each segment is called a, “Pompodoro” and is followed by a 5 minute break, totaling 1hr.

(BTW, pompodoro means tomato in Italian.)

This guy called it the Pompodoro method because of a tomato shaped timer he used.

And while it might sound simple this technique works like a charm.

The key to using it is to race against the clock.

You want to push yourself as hard as you can during the 25 minute section.

Avoid all distraction and focus only on your work.

Then do absolutely nothing during the 5 minute break.

With this you can also avoid something called, “Parkinson’s Law.”

This law states that work will stretch to fit the time allotted for it.

By assigning only a certain number of segments to a task you’ll be able to avoid this.

Not only that, with each segment you complete momentum builds up.

Eventually you get into the, “Flow state” and hours pass without you even noticing.

With the Pompodoro method you can triple productivity.

It’s something I use every day to get more done.

It’s also why I rarely miss deadlines and can complete so many projects in such little time.

Remember, productivity is absolutely critical to business success.

The more you do the faster you’ll move up the ladder.

So try this yourself and see how effective it is.


Alastair Walton


If you’ve ever tried to hire a world class copywriter you’ll know they charge through the nose.

But have you ever wondered why they charge so much?

It’s simple.

You see, copywriting is the art (And science) of writing adverts.

More specifically, it’s the art of writing direct response advertising.

With this type of advertising you can measure your response.

By response I mean the number of people who read your ad and buy the product.

What this also means is that you can measure your ROI.

Here’s an example that illustrates this:

Say you have a product with a price tag of $47.

You spend $500 on advertising.

Your ad costs $1000.

1000 people see this ad and 5% respond.

This works out to 50 people which means you make $2350.

Ultimately this means you spent $1500 to generate $850.

At this point you can scale things up, run the ad again and make a fortune.

The fact is that winning sales letters can turn a profit year after year after year.

This is why you need to STOP seeing copywriting as an expense.

Instead you need to start looking at it as an investment which can pay dividends for decades.

Good copywriters know this, which is why they charge so much.

Here’s an even better way to illustrate this idea:

If I gave you $10 for every $8 you gave me, how fast would you give me those bills?

Something to think about.


Alastair Walton


Should copywriters have a blog?

The answer is YES.

In fact, blogging is one of your most powerful marketing tools.

You see, here’s something you need realize:

Most copywriters get hung up on having samples. But I’m not really a big believer in this. Most of the time clients don’t even read them. Also, if you’ve been working a while you probably have dozens or even hundreds samples. Eventually updating and maintaining your sample file becomes a massive chore.

The solution to these problems is your blog.


Because everything you write is a sample.

So instead of giving clients examples of your work simply send them to your blog.

For copywriters this is almost too perfect. Blogging gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of marketing and persuasion. Every post you write allows you to show off your skills and prove that you know what you’re doing.

The caveat is that you have to make an effort.

You have to write each post as if you were being paid a thousand dollars.

As if someone had a gun to your head and you had to convince them to hire you.

Blogging also has other benefits. It’s a great way hone your skills and also gives you something to do when you don’t have client work. If you’re not busy just write a couple of blog posts – it’s better than sitting around all day and doing nothing.

The last step is to set up an email list.

This will also help you market to prospective clients.

It doesn’t have to take any extra work.

Just send them the blog posts you’ve already written.


Alastair Walton


Back in the day I would constantly listen to motivational speakers.

One of my favourite people to listen to was a guy called Brian Tracy.

(A Canadian motivational speaker and business coach.)

According to him, anytime you want something, life will test how badly you want it.

He calls this the, “Persistence test.”

To get through this test you have to keep pushing.

If you just keep pushing you’ll pass.

A good example of this is email marketing.

You can email for days and sometimes weeks without making a sale.

But if you keep building your list…

Improving your copy…

…and hitting send, eventually one day something will happen.

You have to believe that circumstances change and if you keep pushing success will come.

Remember, you could be three feet away from gold.

But if you give up prematurely you’ll never know what might have been.

When all is said and done, life is a funny thing.

It’s almost a rule that you never get what you want the first time.

Generally it only happens after your second, third, fourth or even fifth try.

This is the persistence test and the only way to get through it is to JUST KEEP PUSHING.

Got it?



Alastair Walton.


Here’s a simple idea for marketing your business:

(This works particularly well if you’re selling physical products or services.)

What you do is write a free, “Consumer awareness report” about whatever it is you’re selling.

In this report you put everything that the consumer would need to know about your product or service. For example, if you’re selling high end sound systems you can write a report explaining the difference between a good and bad system. Basically you write down everything someone would need to know if they were going to go out and buy one today.

This idea works really well when done right.

It’s a great example of educational marketing

(Where you promote your products by educating the consumer about what you’re selling.)

A consumer awareness guide also allows you to position yourself in the market place.

You’re someone who tries to help people rather than a money grubbing salesman.

Bottom line:

People always want to know if they are spending their money wisely or getting ripped off?

A consumer awareness report helps them answer this question.


Alastair Walton


In the past I was always tired when working.

This was mostly because I had to spend 10,11 even 12 hours a day writing copy.

After a while this would start to take a serious toll.

All I wanted to do was climb into bed and pull the covers over my head.

But then I discovered something that was able to give me almost unlimited amounts of energy.

This miracle substance would wake me up no matter how tired I was.

What was it?

Apple Cider Vinegar.

In case you don’t know ACV is basically vinegar made from fermented apple juice.

I discovered this when I used it to get rid of a nasty skin infection.

After that I started drinking it every day mixed with water.

I was trying to be more healthy and heard this stuff was really good for you.

But here’s something I immediately noticed.

As soon as I drank it I would perk up right away.

Any fatigue or tiredness would leave my body.

The reason why this was happening was simple.

You see, ACV contains large amounts of potassium and also enzymes. This means it can act as a natural electrolyte solution. What’s more, it also has various amino acids, and these can counteract lactic acid build up in your body, relieving fatigue and stress.

If you want to try this for yourself just remember that ACV is basically vinegar.

DON’T drink it straight out the bottle or you’ll burn your mouth and throat.

What you want to do is mix about a table spoon with around half a gallon of water.

Drink this as fast as you can and see what happens.

You’ll probably find yourself becoming more alert and awake.

It’s better than drinking ten red bulls all at once.

Or an entire pot of coffee.

This is hands down the best thing I’ve discovered for beating fatigue.

Try it for yourself and see what happens.


Alastair Walton


If you’re an aspiring copywriter here’s a BIG tip:

When I first started out I spent 90% of my time chasing clients.

As you can imagine this was extremely stressful and even when I found work I made very little money.

But then I got smart and started doing things differently.

And before I knew it I had more high quality clients than I could handle.

What did I do?

It might sound counterintuitive but I realized most copywriters DON’T actually write copy.

What most of them actually do is sell copywriting courses.

There’s a good reason for this:

(Besides making money.)

You see, when most business owners realize they need copy they can do one of two things.

They can hire a copywriter or learn how to write it themselves.

That’s where you come in to sell them an instructional product or two. The trick is that if your product is good they might just decide to hire you instead. At which point you’ve created a HIGHLY qualified prospect…

…with more than enough money to spend on your services.

THIS is how you find dream clients.

Bottom line:

Don’t waste your time chasing bums.

Get clients to come to you instead.


Alastair Walton


People are always looking for answers.

They want to know what the next step is:

What font should the headline on their sales letter be…

What’s the latest technique for getting traffic…

How do they handle clients…

The entire marketing advice industry is built on helping people figure this stuff out.

But here’s what you need to realize.

The answer to all your questions is that there is no answer.

Things are never black or white they are shades of grey.

Which is why you need to experiment.

Experimentation is how you discover untapped resources nobody knows about. The faster you experiment the faster you’ll be successful. People at the top are constantly doing this and it’s why they are at the top.

Unfortunately most marketers are terrified of experimenting.

They sit around and wait to be spoon fed answers.

But this is something you cannot afford to do.

You have to experiment.

Bottom line:

Get out there, experiment, fail fast and LEARN from those mistakes.


Alastair Walton